Welcome to my world.

Thank you for coming to my blog! Just looking? That’s ok… I hope you find something of interest! On this blog I will try to post every 2 weeks or less! Thank you for coming!

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Bored in class…

Within my friend group I am known to always have drawing on my hands/arms. Wether ur be a few flowers or a whole sleeve down my arm. I wanted to show you guys what I did today. It’s a little different from my normal “art”. Normally I wrote a bunch of quotes or a bunch … Continue reading Bored in class…

I made the decision

Hello all! I hope you have had an amazing week! If not that’s ok! First things first… I GOT 15 FOLLOWERS! WOW! Thank you so much! I know it’s not a whole lot… but wow! So I made a decision on what to do going forward with my blog. I want to thank those who … Continue reading I made the decision

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