Hello! Please Read!

First off… I’m so sorry I have not posted in so long! I mean it’s already 2021! Happy New Year!! I hope you all had an amazing holiday!

Now let’s get down to business (… to defeat… the huns!)

I feel like I don’t have a specific thing for this blog. That’s why I need you help. I am going to list different things in just a minute. I would like you to pick your TOP 3 from the list and comment what they are! Please, please, please vote! It would mean a lot!

The list:

  1. Music ~ music suggestions, favorite artists, and lyrics
  2. My Music ~ I will not show my face but I might post different covers of songs. Ranging from me play violin, kalimba, ukulele, and guitar.
  3. Photography ~ I am not a professional by no means, but I do like photography a lot and I think I do a pretty good job at it.
  4. My “Personal” life ~ so things going on in my life, without any specifics (like names), and maybe adventures I go on, things going on in school, with friends.
  5. Quotes, words, and poetry ~ I have a love of quotes and weird words so I can post those.
  6. BOOKS ~ I love reading! So I can do book reviews and recommendations

That is the list! Please, Please, Please comment your top three! After I get enough feed back I will make my choice upon the top three and make a combination of all of those!

Please vote! Thank you!

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